“Your presentation blew us away, you opened up a whole new profit center with Print-on-Demand. Finally,  a print solution that makes sense.”
Dan Caviness, Yamaha Motors U. S. 

“He went above and beyond in helping students…
even long after class hours. He definitely knows his stuff and wants to share it with us. He’s a Godsend.”

“Extremely dedicated to his students. He is always staying after to help us with projects (even for other classes). He is an incredible asset to the Graphic Design Department.”

 “Probably the most important class I took… great instructor, he really cares about students learning and students succeeding. As patient as he is brilliant. This class should be a requirement for all advertising majors.”

“Mike is the best professor I have ever had. I never felt pressured, which allowed me to become more creative and enthusiastic about my projects. The class also provided a means for me to improve the projects in my other classes as well. He has been an enormous help whenever I had questions. While other instructors are baffled, he always has the best answers. What I like most about Mike’s teaching is that he encourages our ideas instead of shutting them down. He brings out our creativity.”

“Mike taught me some marvelous skills… woof!”

Various students from eight teaching years at
Chapman University, Orange, California